weigh baggage

my suitscase = 26kg, my backpack = 9kg. Both overweight….

I gave up packing my Polaroids in my suitscase. I think I’ll need a tripod than polaroid. Polaroid stuff are about 2kgs. And my tripod is 3kgs.

I’m going to pack my poraroids for airmail. Probably my parents will send me it.

I picked out unnecessary staffs, after that, the weight became 21.5 kgs. I’ll probably add some staff that I’m usually using. So I need to shape that a bit more.

Next problem, backpack. I misunderstood about cabin baggage and personal items. I can carry laptop as personal items. It might be OK. I need to find laptop cover today.

I read air NZ web’s baggage page written in Japanese. It’s hard to understand what they said. I should have read English page earlier. (I know my English skill is terrible, but It’s easy to understand English page than Japanese page. And It’s possible I misunderstood. Please check it yourself. You shouldn’ believe me. orz)

Now 5 am. What a tough work….