2008-0218 the first day

Today’s new experiences are goint to school, buying something and taking a bus.

Today is first time to go to the school. My host mother took me the school. She works for the school.

I had a test and short interview to measure my english skill. I think the score wasn’t good. But it’s OK. That’s the my level. I didn’t heard my level from a staff. Beginner? Intermediate? I don’t konw. I’m going to improve my English in the school, maybe.

I tried to buy lunch. My course doesn’t include lunch but weekends. So I need to buy something. Today, I chose ‘SUBWAY’. I don’t know why I choose ‘SUBWAY’….. I need to answer many questions to order the sandwich, bread… vegetables… saurce… etc. Fortunately, I got my lunch. But I was said ‘pardon?’ 2 times. I need to find good cheep shops as soon as possible.

After school, I went to a pier and took some pictures. I went there in the school’s orientation. The weather was croudy at that time. But After school, it’s little better.

I found sparrow on the way to the pier. I think it’s slightly different from Japanese sparrow. I tried to take his picture, but I couldn’t.

After that, I went to a supermarket to buy batteries. I have an alarm clock. But the batteries gone. I shoud have checked the batteries before I came. Today’s mission was “buying batteries”. When I’ll fit for this life, I’ll check somre more details about supermarket. Some points are same ,sompoints are different. But it was easier than buying sandwich.