2008-0222 city centre

I went to city centre again. I need to get “metro card” (bus card, not subway) . I’ve been spending bus fare in cash for a week, but using metro card is cheaper than cash. The school staff said that I can get the card from the school, but maybe it had some trouble. I needed to go to the bus exchange and apply the card. I went the bus exchange yesterday, but It had already closed. Finally, I got the card.

After that, I went to the agent’s office to use the internet. I’d like to reply some emails. Usually, I use the internet from the school from my iPod touch, and see some news, blog etc… and recieving email. An iPod touch is useful if I can use Wi-Fi. But it’s hard to write a long text. I bring my laptop to the school sometime to update my blog or photos. But I don’t carried it today.

By the way, I expected to use Wi-Fi in every libraries in this area, but I misunderstood. I browsed the Library’s web, I found that library in city centre provided free Wi-Fi support. I can’t use Wi-Fi in New Brighton Library… I love that view from the sofa…

Anyway, Then I walked around the city for an hour. Botanic gardens, Avon river, Cathedral, etc.

I was so impressed while I was walking along Avon river. So beautiful. I think it’s a good place to spend time when I feel tired.I saw a lot of ducks at riverside. You probably know I like ducks, I enjoyed to see them.

When I went back home, I’d been waiting for harf an hour. I should have checked the time schedule.

I’ll go there again next week, and check Wi-Fi connection in the library.