I went to City Centre. I wanted to listen live jazz, so I was looking for Jazz bar. I’d already found a few places on the internet.

I arrived there early to wander there.

First, I went to Art Gallery to get the brochure. I want to go there sometime because quiet place and the entrance fee is free. But It’s close at 5 PM except Wednesday.

On my way to Botanic Gardens, I dropped into Art Centre. There is flea market on weekends at open space . I couldn’t find something interesting today. Then, I entered the Art Centre. I checked some shops in the building, book store, fudge shop, gallery, jewelry shop etc. I haven’t tried fudge. I’ve heard it’s so sweet!

After Art Center, I went to Botanic Gardens again, there is good place for a walk and having a break. I read a book under the tree. I can’t imagine myself to read books under the tree in Japan. If I had my free time , I stay home and browse the internet. Anyway, It takes about 30 minutes to walk along the Avon river. It’s good exercise for me. I need to find some good exercise. I’m healthier than when I was in Japan. But I think I need more exercise.

It’s still early to go to the bar, so I went to the Cathedral. Stalls almost closed. So I go up the Colombo St and dropped into the Starbucks. I wanted to check the fee of using the internet, it was $9.95 per hour. It’s hard to afford it. I ordered
‘Caramel Macchiato’ and redisigned my blog. It’s very hard to write codes without internet connection. By the way, I met a Japanese shop clark and some Japanese customers stayed there.

At last, I tried Fat Eddies. It has good ambience. The live jazz was good, especially bossa nova. I stayed there for 2.5 hours. Of course I was alone. I ate a big hamburger and a heap of french fries. It’s not good for my health, probably … no … definitely bad.

I was waiting for my bus at the bus exchange. The approx. bus schedule was showed on the sign board. At first, I checked my bus number and when it will arrive, then I started to listen music. The departure time was already passed, but it usually happen here, so I didn’t care about it. But, I was so surprised when looked at the board. My bus number was disappeared! I’m very worried about I missed the bus, and I needed to wait a hour. Of course I was seeing the road, but I hadn’t seen my bus. 5 minutes later, the bus came. I was quite relieved and get on the bus.

One more thing… My bus card didn’t work. I ran out of money! Fortunately, I had enough cash. So I charged it and went back to home. (I usually use EFTPOS. Sometimes I forget I have cash or not.)