hard week.

Now, I’m in Library in City Centre. I can use Wi-Fi here for free. I don’t know why I can’t use Wi-Fi in the New Brighton Library for free. But It’s OK. I’m using PC in my school.

This week was very hard. And I realized again, I’m silly. It’s so hard to remember a lot of words. But studying is my job now. I think it’s easier than my work because I can make mistakes (Of course, I hope I don’t make any mistakes in tests.).

I decided to extend my homestay. When I was in Japan, I planned to find a flat in 1 month. But studying is harder than I thought. I can’t make time to find flat, and move. So I told my school about it.

This weekend, Maybe I’ll go a Jazz bar. I haven’t decided the shop, but I’d like to listen live jazz. I had a chance to play and listen live music in Japan once a month. I miss my piano!