go shopping — 買い物。

I’ve been preparing for my trip. I need a backpack,some long sleeved shirts, etc. I’ll leave here on 20th.

Last weekend, I went to outlet store to buy a backpack. I had no idea which is suitable for me. I told a shop staff about what I need, and then he showed me one of a backpack which is very flexible. I thought it’s good for my travel. I worried about the cost because it looked expensive… , but it was under $250, so I bought it.

On Friday night, I tried to pack some my staff into the backpack. It was quite heavy… because it included my tripod. I think I should separate a daypack from it, and pack my cameras and laptops into the daypack. I should have got fitter.


先週、MacPac のアウトレットショップにいって、入手。店員さんに、どれがいい?って聞きつつ、まぁ、250くらい