Franz Josef day 3


I’ve done my first priority, Heli-hike, so I went walking today because it’s free.

The route starts from behind Franz Josef Village to the Franz Josef Carpark. First, it was easy walking. A Wide road and some long crests. But after 30 min walking, the scene changed, there is a narrow slipperly road. I crossed some creeks, walked on rocks along a river, walkied over fallen trees. Sometimes I felt I got lost. Fortunately, I got the dougrous bridge.

After the bridge, the road was well formed, it’s easy to walk. I went to a small lake (I forget the name), Centinel Rock, and start point of the Glacier walk. The view was great. I wanted to go closer, but I’d already got tired and it took an hour to go home, so I took some photos, then returned. On my way home, a kind driver lifted me to an intersection. How fast! It’s nonsence compare with a car and walking. They were going to go to the Fox Glacier.

I got home earlier than I planned, I had to think about how to use my eggs. I made boiled eggs, I like a soft-boiled egg! But they were hard-boiled. I had ham-sandwitches, some cucambers with dressing, yougurt and coffee.

At night, I got hungry… If I eat something, I’ll gain weight… but I was hungry. I opend up a thai noodle which my friend gave me, poor boiled water and two eggs, waited 3 minutes and ate….. Oh dear, water wasn’t boiled!

I’ll set off at 7:45 for Queenstown, I think I should get up at 6:00 because of breakfast but too early, so I set the alarm for 6:15.


Franz Josef Village の裏側から氷河の駐車場に出るコース。最初はちゃんと整備された道で多少アップダウンはあるものの、さっさか歩けます。が、途中から怪しげな雰囲気に。”Warning Creeks will be difficult to cross after heavy rain.” なんていう小川を渡り、吊り橋を渡り、川にそって飛び石を渡り・・・ここも滑ったら川にドボン・・・、また森に入って、すべって転んで崖から落ちたらおそらく帰れないようなところを通り、歩道をとうせんぼしてる倒木を乗り越え・・・と、まぁ、ちゃんと歩けてよかったなと(笑。一度滑ってすっころびましたけど。昨日来たダグラスブリッジをこえると、またしっかり整備された歩道にもどります。ここまで2時間くらいかかったかなぁ・・・。


さてさて、帰り道。「乗ってくか?」と途中まで乗っけててくれる優しい人!ってか初日も会ったけど、みなさんやさしいですなぁ。橋までのっけてもらいました。Fox Glacier にいくそうな。ってか、車だとはえー。ってかけっこうなスピードをだして林道を下ってるので少し怖い。とにもかくにも、ありがたいです。