I’m in Te Aroha!

I’m in Te Aroha now. I’ve just had a lunch and using a computre for free if I purchaced.
But unfortunatelly, no InputMethod in this Linux, yes Linux. I’m using firefox on KDE.

Anyway, There is a mountain and Spa in Te Aroha. But having spa is $17/30min , it’s expensive for me but I had.
The bath tub is made of Kauri tree. It’s Onsen.

YHA Te Aroha is also very nice, the owners are so nice and kind, the house is like my home.
There isn’t anyone these 3 days, and the owners live their own house.
So I’ve been using it as my house. Ofcourse I’m using the house very clean.
And one more thing, a book called “Totemo Tameninaru Hon” is in the bookshelf.
They keep it very carefully because, it’s so fragile.

I’m going to go to Rotorua on 17th.
I have to book an accommodation in Rotorua.
I must go to spa before leave Te Aroha.. But Rotorua also has spa… spa tour!

I think I won’t be able to use the internet via my laptop in Rotorua.
I’ll go to Whakatane, Gisbone and Napier. I hope I’ll be able to connect in Gisbone.

see you