でも、家に帰って晩ご飯(6:15 くらいから)おわって、しばらくテレビでリスニングして、
8時くらいから宿題やって、途中でシャワー浴びたりコーヒー飲んだりでいったん休憩して、1:00 2:00 くらいまでがんばってます。


2008-0224 day off

First week was very hard, so I need to take a rest! I stayed my home all day. I reviewed some vocabs, retouched my photos, read books, reserching restaurants in city centre, etc… with NO internet.

I can’t use the internet from home. Sometimes I want to use the internet strongly. But I also think I’m addicted to the internet. I’s good chance to change my habit. I haven’t seen NICO VIDEO for a week, besides comments which commented to my videos.

I wanna watch ****!

2008-0223 リトルトン、クエイルアイランド


30人くらいで、船に乗って Quail Island に行って持っていった飯を食って1時間くらい島を歩いてって感じ。




景色はというと、文字で書くより写真をみていただいた方が早いでしょう。しぜーーん って感じ。



rubbish。ゴミ。trash とか dust なら知ってたけど、rubbish はしらなんだ。


2008-0222 city centre

I went to city centre again. I need to get “metro card” (bus card, not subway) . I’ve been spending bus fare in cash for a week, but using metro card is cheaper than cash. The school staff said that I can get the card from the school, but maybe it had some trouble. I needed to go to the bus exchange and apply the card. I went the bus exchange yesterday, but It had already closed. Finally, I got the card.

After that, I went to the agent’s office to use the internet. I’d like to reply some emails. Usually, I use the internet from the school from my iPod touch, and see some news, blog etc… and recieving email. An iPod touch is useful if I can use Wi-Fi. But it’s hard to write a long text. I bring my laptop to the school sometime to update my blog or photos. But I don’t carried it today.

By the way, I expected to use Wi-Fi in every libraries in this area, but I misunderstood. I browsed the Library’s web, I found that library in city centre provided free Wi-Fi support. I can’t use Wi-Fi in New Brighton Library… I love that view from the sofa…

Anyway, Then I walked around the city for an hour. Botanic gardens, Avon river, Cathedral, etc.

I was so impressed while I was walking along Avon river. So beautiful. I think it’s a good place to spend time when I feel tired.I saw a lot of ducks at riverside. You probably know I like ducks, I enjoyed to see them.

When I went back home, I’d been waiting for harf an hour. I should have checked the time schedule.

I’ll go there again next week, and check Wi-Fi connection in the library.



Today’s quite hot. That’s the summer. I went to the beach in the afternoon’s lesson, and everyone bought ice cream. I’m too shy to talk to unknow people. So I need more time to have good releationship with classmates.

Now, I’m in city centre to meet my agent. I was surprized the traffic, but probabry It’s quite small amount of Shinjuku station. I live in country. I forgot about how to walk in crouded place. I usually cross the road anywhere if cars don’t come.

I’d like to round city centre after this meeting, and I need to find today’s restaurant. I want to have some pasta tonight! But I don’t know where the restaurant is.

Chch の天気


こっちは午後 8:00 くらいでも曇りの日くらいの明るさがあるので、時間の感覚が狂います。かなり。だからと言って、遅くまであるいてると危ないらしい。あ、門限聞かなくちゃ。


ホストファミリーに聞いたらやっぱり、重ね着してなんとかするのよ〜って言ってたよ。今日の服装、Tシャツ、薄いフリース、ジャケット。 家を出るときは全部着てちょうどいい。午前のクラスの終わりあたりにフリースがあつく感じる。かえるときはTシャツで歩いてても平気だけど、風が吹くとジャケットが必要。ちなみに、夜中は Tシャツに薄いフリース+厚いフリースするときもあり。


たぶん、今(16:00)くらいは、T シャツとサングラスでいけそう(日焼け止め必須)。




青い海。でも寒い。正直言って、夏でも冬服必要。朝晩は冬で、昼は夏な感じ。 気温差 10度くらいあるのと、風が冷たいので、上着必要。 コート来てる人と半袖の人が同居するという、奇妙なところです。

2008-0219 First lesson.

Today my lesson has just started. It’s quite hard to keep the lesson pace. But I could understand what my teacher said about 70%… I’m kidding. But I think I caught the outline of what they wanted to say. It has huge ditch between understanding and using.

I really went back to the student! Getting up early, taking morning class, finding cheep restaulant in the lunch time, taking afternoon class… I’ll turn 30 in April. There are a lot of Japanese college/university students in the school. I need to study harder than young people to keep the lesson pace.

Anyway, I have a test tomorrow. I need to prepare about it. I’ve been studying for about 3 hours. But I haven’t finished my homework. I also haven’t started to prepare for the test yet.

What a hard day today.

2008-0218 the first day

Today’s new experiences are goint to school, buying something and taking a bus.

Today is first time to go to the school. My host mother took me the school. She works for the school.

I had a test and short interview to measure my english skill. I think the score wasn’t good. But it’s OK. That’s the my level. I didn’t heard my level from a staff. Beginner? Intermediate? I don’t konw. I’m going to improve my English in the school, maybe.

I tried to buy lunch. My course doesn’t include lunch but weekends. So I need to buy something. Today, I chose ‘SUBWAY’. I don’t know why I choose ‘SUBWAY’….. I need to answer many questions to order the sandwich, bread… vegetables… saurce… etc. Fortunately, I got my lunch. But I was said ‘pardon?’ 2 times. I need to find good cheep shops as soon as possible.

After school, I went to a pier and took some pictures. I went there in the school’s orientation. The weather was croudy at that time. But After school, it’s little better.

I found sparrow on the way to the pier. I think it’s slightly different from Japanese sparrow. I tried to take his picture, but I couldn’t.

After that, I went to a supermarket to buy batteries. I have an alarm clock. But the batteries gone. I shoud have checked the batteries before I came. Today’s mission was “buying batteries”. When I’ll fit for this life, I’ll check somre more details about supermarket. Some points are same ,sompoints are different. But it was easier than buying sandwich.

2008-0217 ついた。

初フライトが11時間という修行に耐えつつ到着。入国時1発目に押されたスタンプがいきなり revoked 。間違えて 3ヶ月の押しちゃったよってw



スイスからホームステイしてる人も一緒にすんでます。まだほとんど話してません(^^; 人見知りが・・・。


で、来てそうそう、何やらイベントがあるらしい。行ってもOKだし、休んでてもOKだって言われたけど、せっかくなので行ってみた。知り合いの赤ちゃんが生まれたお祝いだって。で、Sign of the Takahe の先の Sign of Kiwi の先の、峠道の真ん中あたりで、なにやら人がぞろぞろ集まっている(実はその前に lost して行き過ぎるというハプニングあり)。

19:30 でも全然夜って感じがしない。明るい。にしても、とにかく眠い。飛行機であんまし寝られなかったし、いろいろ疲れたし。ご飯の後に仮眠をとろうとしたんだけど、寝て起きたら1時だった。あー、写真コピーして見せますよーって言ったばっかりなのにorz。